This is part two of the Move On/ Get Over it installation.
II. On Tone Policing 
“Tone policing (or tone trolling or tone argument or tone fallacy) is an antidebate appeal based on genetic fallacy, which attempts to detract from the validity of a statement by attacking the tone rather than the message.” 
Two performers in the newfound face of oppressive America try make themselves heard, while adhering to society’s idea of how their protest should be handled. What they find is their attempt to remain “polite” or “educated” or a “good woman” only hinders them from saying what they need to say. The obvious action is to remove these filters, but this leaves one speaking in a way that can leave the performers labeled as any of the following cliches: “loud”, “angry”, “libtards”, “negative”, or just “backwards”. This is the catch 22 they must endure while in the face of the new oppressive America. 
Only when they are in private can the tone restrictions come off and can they converse freely with each other about their experience in America. Only in private can they tell each other their truths. Only when in private are these individuals free to actually practice “free speech” without being shut down by the tone-policing society has forcibly instilled in all of us. Notice: their speech is never loud or angry - merely phenomenological and factual. 
Performers: Wendy F. Fanny MT.
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