Blossom: music in five parts with accompanying film 

I. Air 

II. Voice 

III. Pulse 

IV. String 

V. Bloom 


Blossom is a work in five parts exploring the entanglement of the individual to the network of people we all inevitably become a part of. I view the process of blooming as slightly violent: a breaking apart of a closed bud - an explosion leading to the exposure of beauty within, like an open flesh wound. As we tether and entangle with those around us throughout childhood and life, their expectations and our shared experiences push and pull upon us. Eventually we have to realize: we're going to blossom, but for whom? Do we bloom for ourselves, in spite of everyone we are connected to? Or do we accept their help in pulling us into bloom, blossoming for the community we are engaged with - and future communities we will engage with?
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